Venture Capitalist Buys Some Vowels

Princeton Businessman Invests $100,000 in Waveform Communication LLC

PRINCETON, INDIANA, July 11, 2012 – Anybody want to buy a vowel?

Apparently the answer is “yes” for Kyle Johnson, a Princeton business leader and venture capitalist who has invested $100,000 in Waveform Communication LLC, a startup company based in the Purdue Research Park in Indianapolis that is developing new speech recognition technology.

The innovative technology is based on a new model of vowel perception that will be introduced into a variety of electronic devices. The algorithm that drives the technology will significantly improve voice searches on computers and smartphones, help people who wear hearing aids make a better distinction between similar-sounding words, and has other applications.

"Some technology has only a 90 percent accuracy rate, which is unacceptable for the general public and professionals such as medical or court record transcriptionists," said Waveform Communication CEO Michael A. Stokes.

By contrast, the “Waveform Model’ the company is developing achieves 99.2 percent voice recognition accuracy and can be used by multiple speakers without special training. The code can be incorporated into electronic devices, and the company plans to develop a phone application within a year.

“This is a true breakthrough technology that can transform the way many of the world’s most popular technology platforms are used,” said Johnson. “It has amazing potential.”

Johnson has a long history of supporting Indiana-based startup companies. He owns several commercial buildings in downtown Princeton and offers rent-free and low-rent programs to help businesses get started in the community. He also invested in another Princeton-based startup company.

Johnson is Founder, President and CEO of Onsite Occupational Health & Safety, a veteran-owned small business and global provider of clinical, medical, and healthcare services at construction worksites and other settings

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