After achieving success with Onsite OHS, Kyle Johnson founded Halfrack Properties in order to give back to the community.  Under the designation of Halfrack, he has purchased several buildings to assist in the revitalization Princeton.  In 2010, Halfrack teamed with the City in a comprehensive effort to invest in the future of Princeton's downtown square.  There are several ongoing restoration projects that can be seen around the square, including the old Fifth Third building (current Onsite OHS headquarters) as well as the Palace building.  More projects will follow once these buildings are restored.

Halfrack believes that small business is the heart of our community and that downtown Princeton is an ideal location for many businesses.  Halfrack has developed an incubator program to assist small businesses getting started.  Pass-Through Archery and Value Vision Optical are examples of businesses that have taken advantage of this program.  As more buildings are remodeled, there will be more space available for additional businesses to locate in the downtown square.

It is our hope that adding small businesses and remodeling buildings owned by Halfrack will spur more businesses to locate downtown. This potential increase in employment and growing tax base is key to the economic development and preservation of the charm of Princeton's downtown.

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